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  • Handy Type of Strap Wrench

    Sometimes a strap wrench handle is in the way, and this style could work much better. The other day I had to remove round pedals from a Studebaker, and had to make a homemade tool to get the job done. This strap wrench would have worked much faster and easier.

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    I have a few of those straps in different sizes, and it's certainly a handy tool to have around for many uses. The big chain wrench is useful for grabbing exhaust pipes and things like that.
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      Here's a picture, just in case the ebay link does away. I hope the 1/2" refers to the socket size, and not the strap width. They don't say a thing about that in the description, and many ebay sellers are real sneaking in their wording in trying to fool a buyer.

      Strap Wrench.jpg


      • CarlG
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        I saw that there were several listings for these, with prices all over the board.

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      My strap wrench just came in today's mail, and it looks well made. It takes a 1/2" ratchet or breaker bar, an has a 1" wide thick nylon strap that will circle an object up to about 6". This should work well, and I'll try it out on some clutch and brake pedals that screw into the arms on a Studebaker.


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        Looks good! I have the chain and rubber ones. Not used often, but when needed - nothing else will do the job...
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        • Mitch
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          I have the chain style also, along with strappies

          i posted my chain tool in the tool tidbit thread

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