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Steering Column Flashlight and Holder

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  • Steering Column Flashlight and Holder

    Remember these from the old days. This is a new repro, but looks good and is priced right.

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    How about this


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      Chief: I have one of those in my pickup.
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      • BNCHIEF
        BNCHIEF commented
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        Do they work good and how is yours mounted?

      • CarlG
        CarlG commented
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        It works great. If you look at the picture lower left you can see an angle bracket. I just removed one of the windshield frame screws and screwed it back in. The prism thingy has a stud sticking out that I mounted in the hole on the other leg of the angle bracket.

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      Factory Marking on Steering Column
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      Yesterday was our club's spring tune up clinic, and one job was to pull the head on this very nice 1929 Tudor. The date code on the gas tank is 8-4-29. I noticed this marking on the bottom of the steering column. I don't recall ever seeing any markings on the steering column before.

      05-12-2019, 03:45 PM
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      I am rebuilding a 7 tooth steering column for my 29 phaeton that I am restoring. I don't know what the correct name of the steering column part that has the grooves the spark and gas rods rest on (see picture below). Whatever it is called, I had to replace it as the original one was in bad condition. Now the problem. I have a good original replacement part, but the holes in the replacement bracket...
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      How I wish Ford would of put a greese zerk on the early column (but I won't).

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      any info online with regards to Diagnosing/ disassembly/ rebuild of steering column and related parts? have books on order can't wait for Santa. 29 Gemma. 2 tooth I would think.
      12-20-2017, 04:34 PM
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      Steering Column Installation Question
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      Hey Folk's,

      I have a question about the installation of the steering column over the steering shaft, ... Should I add a light smear of grease to the webbing in the upper column bushing or leave it dry?

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      When did they start using the dash mounted steering column bracket? Was it by car model or by date?
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      Please tell me Henry Ford did not Through bolt the interior steering column support into the gas tank. I'm looking at mine and it appears to be stained with gasoline. Even smells a tad like old gas. Can't be a good idea to not address this one.
      06-21-2018, 03:34 PM