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  • Bill Williamson

    I live just down the road from Bill Williamson and barged in on him and had a great visit yesterday. He's a great guy and an old master at the automobile thing. Really enjoyed our visit.

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    You're a lucky man Phil to meet the icon himself!

    I told him to give you a JF (jet fuel coffee) for free!!!
    3 ~ Tudor's
    Henry Ford said
    "It's all nuts and bolts"

    Mitch's Auto Service ctr


      BILL WILLIAMSON commented
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      Phil even wrangled on the wide, short belt on my vacuum, with his BARE hands!

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    Yea Bill, Ol' Fixitphil
    You're right Mitch. I sat in the presence of a "tried and true" Master in the industry. I relished the time i spent with Bill. But, he didn't offer me a cup of that JF coffee, maybe next time.


      BNCHIEF commented
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      Did he have you demonstrate it after the repair so he would be satisfied with your work? Crafty Bill

      BILL WILLIAMSON commented
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      I apologize for NO Coffee, I was out of JET-FUEL.
      We talked about SO MUCH stuff, I didn't even think about COFFEE!
      I wish MANY of us could talk FACE to FACE! What a BLAST that would be!
      I'm looking forward to your next visit!!!
      Bill Blabber

      BNCHIEF commented
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      Bill that would be a fun day indeed.

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    Maybe MITCH or someone else knows something about the whereabouts of Bill??
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    Bill Sturm retired
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    Sad news for the fine point crowd. Good for him!

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    by tbirdtbird
    It is always nice to put a face to a name, and Bill is most pleasant and knowledgeable. He was here for 3 hrs and we discussed mostly paint and body work. I was impressed with the baseline knowledge he had going into the discussions, and I was also impressed that he already knew of Ospho and has used it. We learned a lot from each other.
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    After a long bout with stroke induced disability, William H. Smith, past President of the AACA passed away yesterday at 2:44 AM, at age 86.To those who didn't know Bill, he and his wife Jeanie, were much of where the horse power lay in creating the AACA museum in Hershey. If, the next time you are there, you look up on the wall you will see it bears his and Jeanie's name.
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    Just got news that Bill Edstrom passed away.

    Bill lost Silvia his wife a couple years ago.
    The two of them revived the A400 Group in what it is today.
    Our condolences the his kids.
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