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Metal Pole Barn Can't Save Two Valuable Cars

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  • Metal Pole Barn Can't Save Two Valuable Cars

    You can't build your storage garage on low ground that floods each spring. Hard to believe that someone would have built on low ground where the water went inside the dirt floor each spring. This guy lost two vary valuable cars, a 53 Studebaker Hardtop, and a rare 55 Studebaker Speedster. They were mint when stored, but the floors were gone when they were auctioned off.

    Studebaker sinking.jpg

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    Was that posted on the Studebaker site?
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      Originally posted by Mitch View Post
      Was that posted on the Studebaker site?
      I think that's where I got this picture about a year ago. Someone posted about an auction with these cars, and as soon as I saw the two cars resting on dirt, I knew the floors were gone. The speedster in nice shape can bring $50,000 or more, and this 53 hardtop could bring $30,000 before the water damage.

      BTW, Keith is lucky enough to own a nice 54 Stude, which looks like the 53 except for some vertical inserts added to the front horizontal grill bars. The 53 and 54 are considered by many to be one of the most beautiful car designs ever created, and I fully agree with that.
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        My best boyhood friend was the son of the local Studebaker dealer. His dad would bring home every few weeks a new Studebaker. My favorites were the 55 Speedster and the 57 Golden Hawk. Personally, I regarded the styling of the Studebakers during the 1950's far more favorably than other domestic family cars. Corvettes, MGs and the 55-57 T-Bird were in a class by themselves.


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          Here's what the guy could have had if he built higher up on dry land. This is a 1953 hardtop and a 1955 Speedster. Two of my favorite cars, and these are both owned by someone on the Studebaker site. If you ever get a chance, be sure to check out the leather interior, engine turned dash, and Stewart Warner gauges on a 55 Speedster. When you see these cars in person, you'll wonder why the big three didn't go belly up.

          Speedster and 1953.jpg


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            I modified my '53 Commander Post Coupe with lots of GO-FAST stuff, including a 322 Buick Nailhead engine.

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            Nice cars and garage setup

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