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Holy Crap Car Batman, What Happened to my Studebaker

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  • Holy Crap Car Batman, What Happened to my Studebaker

    Cars don't always look better in pictures than in person. This was the only 1950 Land Cruiser I could find at the junkyard yesterday. There wasn't much left to be picked off this car. The door handles are stainless, so they always stay nice. It did have 2 horns like I've never seen on a 1950 Studebaker though, so I'll post the question on the Studebaker website to see if someone has the answer. The power wire leads directly to the inside of the horn, and every one I've seen has a screw terminal on the outside of the cover.

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    She’s a mess... Hood maybe saveable... First time I’ve ever noticed the A-Pillar/cowl extend all the way to the rocker panel..
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