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I Spent the Day at the Junkyard

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    I Spent the Day at the Junkyard

    I spent most of the day at Cooley's junkyard, trying to find some Studebaker parts. Keith is the owner and a good guy who likes old stuff. He also likes signs, so if you have any old signs to sell or trade, carry them in. He also sells parts at the Iola swap meet, and that's where I met him years ago. Since this yard is all kinds of metal scrap, and not just cars, you can find everything from outboard motors to Franklin wood stoves in the yard. He has quite a selection of cars from the 20's through the 60's, as well as newer car parts, but Keith likes to keep the old cars around for parts, while crushing the newer junk. I saw a 55 and 57 Chevy, Corvairs, front and rear axles from a 1928 AA with worm gear rear end. I didn't find a lot of good Studebaker parts, but it's still fun just to walk around and see all the old cars. It's located about 12 miles east of Eau Claire, Wisconsin. If you have an AA and need a hand winch to make a wrecker, there's a good chance Keith might have it.

    Cooley's Statewide Scrap & Salvage in Eau Claire is your trusted, local family-owned auto salvage and scrap metal recycling company as well as a dumpster rental service.

    Thats nice he has a love for old car parts and keeps them on his property. A big rarity in today's world.
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