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I Wasn't Allowed to Bid on This NOS Part

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  • I Wasn't Allowed to Bid on This NOS Part

    I tried to confirm my bid on this part and the screen said the seller isn't accepting my bid.
    I've never had that happen before and don't get it.
    Why would anyone want to turn away bids and loose money?
    I don't remember if I bought from him before, but if I did, I never had a problem and never left bad feedback.

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    I know there are certain criteria stipulations that can be set up for a seller but i forget what they all are.
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      I emailed the seller to ask about it, but never got a reply.


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        If it happens again, and you really want the part, you might consider asking a friend or a VFF acquaintance to bid for you. Give him or her a ceiling price.


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