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Crap Gas Stikes Again

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  • Crap Gas Stikes Again

    I bought a Honda 3813 about 5 years ago because it runs so nice, quiet, and smooth. After I found out how expensive parts are, and hard to find for the 1982 mower, I decided to buy another one just for parts. I got this one cheap in Tennessee because the carb was flooding. I discovered the plastic that holds the needle and seat in place was leaking due to the damage done by the crap gas. I was able to seal it up by using marine epoxy smeared all around the plastic where it meets the aluminum. My first Honda was running like new, and looked as good as this one, until the last two times I mowed. I noticed it was missing and seemed to be running a little rich. Yesterday when I put it away for the winter it was spewing black smoke and missing from running so rich. Seems I grabbed the wrong gas can a month ago and put in some 10% crap gas. Unbelievable just how quickly that messed up the carb.

    Hopefully the fix will be as easy as this other carb with marine epoxy. I'll have to check the needle and seat with my vacuum pump to see if the plastic gave out from the crap gas, but I'm sure that's what the problem is.

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    It does not take moisture long at all to totally EFF-Up a casting and the fuel with ethanol in it literally sucks moisture right out of the air..
    Regards - Randy
    Randy's Rod Shop
    1933 Ford Tudor "Bugsy"


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