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It seems human life.............

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  • It seems human life.............

    isn't even worth a wooden nickel anymore!!!! Sad, real sad!!!
    "Bullshit and Brilliance Comes with Age and Experience"

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    You talking about my life, Rule master ? or maybe all the terrorist killings in this country ? Decline of morales incorporated in this society ? I would think a wooden nickel, by now, would be worth at least 2 bits !! Sorry for your sorrows and thinking of you this morning. Pat
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    • Grit Kid
      Grit Kid commented
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      Just the fact of all the needless killings going on. Just makes me think human life is needlessly expendable at a snap of a finger. Immorality is taking over and it doesn't always include terrorists either, seems inner city is best off limits to those that value their lives.

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    Come to Philly the city of "Brotherly Love". But make sure you pack your pistol first
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      Church shooting in Texas today......more innocent lives wasted away.
      "Bullshit and Brilliance Comes with Age and Experience"


        BILL WILLIAMSON commented
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        The shooter is DEAD, we won't have to HOUSE & FEED him.

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      My wife told me about that how about all you heroes that want to kill someone sign up go to to war where they can shoot back and see how that works when you are on the recieving end. Sad state of affairs indeed.


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        Mitch, my apologies for going off topic. We should all take a moment to remember those who lost their lives in 2001. God bless America.
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