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  • Rainbows in the Clouds

    Sunday, as I was driving back from Indiana, I saw something in the sky that I'd never seen before. The sun was far in the west and about an hour before sunset, the sky had a number of scattered clouds, but there was no rain nor snow falling. Two clouds that were just up from the sun, and fairly close to each other, each had a rainbow in them. The two rainbows were only in the white of the cloud and did not extend through the blue sky. By the time I could get my camera out, they were disappearing, so I knew I didn't have time to pull over and take a picture. Too bad, as that could have been a cool picture.

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      That's not what they call sun dogs, is it Tom. Could be that Indiana water fermenting ;)
      Model A's and of course the famous AA's


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        You didn't say where abouts you were, if you was near Shitago, that was pollution rising.
        "Bullshit and Brilliance Comes with Age and Experience"


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          Originally posted by pAAt View Post
          That's not what they call sun dogs, is it Tom. Could be that Indiana water fermenting ;)
          No, when I lived in South Dakota I saw lots of sun dogs, but this had to be white clouds with just the right amount of moisture and the suns rays hitting them at just the right angle, I guess.
          I think this was while I was driving near Michigan City, Indiana.


          • pAAt
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            Tom, that try-plane picture and he paided for the co-pilot ticket ? I can't afford for you to ever come back down here !! I'll be up as soon as I can possibly afford it !! Pat

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