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    my 3 car garage is located in the house with the master bedroom above it. the ambient temps do fluctuate ( but not crazy like a detached) way more than the rest of the house as the garage has no ducts from the HVAC system. i have been considering installing a mini split system for a/c & heat. so my question is has anyone installed one? anything to look out for? are most brands equal? any info would be appreciated. they seem pretty easy to do as they are all self contained. i think the lines even come pre charged with freon.
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    Hey Mitch, I had one installed a couple of years ago and think it's great. My building is a forme r carriage house not connected to the house. The foot print is similar to a three car garage but it only has two bays and a stair case in the center. The system is very quiet and heats and cools the space well You control it with a remote and it makes hardly any noise (either in the garage and outside). I had it hung from the side of the building so it is up off the ground. I'll check the brand and size and post the info probably tomorrow. You may be able to see the building in my avatar. I seem to recall it cost around $5,000. It would work even better if I addressed the air leaks around the old wooden doors.


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      that would be great if you could check the size.. whats your approx square footage and ceiling height? is the air register assy mounted towards the ceiling?
      i know the outside condensing unit should be mounted high enough so the snow doesn't bury it. who did it for you?
      thanks for the reply
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      Henry Ford said,
      "It's all nuts and bolts"

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        My "two-car" garage is attached to my house, and has no direct heat from the house. It has it's own heater -- just blows hot air into the open space. I try to keep it around 50 degrees so that it's not too uncomfortable to be out there for extended periods of time.
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          Just remembered to send this. My unit size is 24,000 btu. The ceiling is 8'8". Buliding dimensions are 19' X 27' (I onlynheat and cool the first floor). The installed unit cost $4000 in June of 2014. The outlet uint is installed next to ceiling and has lovers which can be set ot oscillate up and down. There is a remot control. Fujitsu AO24RXFW. IT REQUIRED A 30 amp 220V feed.
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            Thanks for all the details gnat
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            Henry Ford said,
            "It's all nuts and bolts"

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              Are your cars complaining about the HEAT/COLD? Vermin is QUIET!
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            12,000 btu's is a ton of refrigeration. Or what it takes to melt a ton of ice over 24 hrs. So he has a 2 ton unit. My buddy likes mitzabishi (sp) he's done several garages for club members. He did one in eastern wash for a members rental house for a roadster body.
            this are splits with heads , ductless.. he's wrapping a up a marijuana grow operation now.


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