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P-38 Can Opener to Carry in Your Model A

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  • P-38 Can Opener to Carry in Your Model A

    This is what I used several times in the Army, and it's a great can opener. Also read the interesting history of the name in the description. I bought 10 so I can keep one on my key chain, in my tool box, and in each car.

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    Yup-always came in C-rations along with a can of some kind of meat, a pack of 5 cigarettes, a biscuit or cracker of some sort, something sweet.


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      I always traded the cigarettes for someone's candy bar.


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        I use to throw the John Wayne bars and see what damage I could do to what ever they hit!!!

        After using a P-38 for over 20 years....I 'grajatated' to better things to open cans with when I retired.....actually during Nam, we were using LRRP rations first.......dehydrated steak and spuds, etc etc
        "Bullshit and Brilliance Comes with Age and Experience"


        • BNCHIEF
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          Thanks for stirring up my memory. Did you ever drink any of the milk that did not need refrigeration not powdered either,had to be the worst stuff I ever tasted.

        • Grit Kid
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          Tasteless white sewer water....IMO!!! The only thing worth eating in Cs, IMO, was the Butter Beans and Ham. You knew you had an old meal though when you opened up the peaches and everything inside was black!!! Actually the sleeping bags were renamed by those that had to eat C-Rations.....renamed....Fart Sacks!!!!

        • BNCHIEF
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          Pretty good description Ed.

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