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How Do You Remove Old Masking Tape?

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  • How Do You Remove Old Masking Tape?

    I first learned about leaving masking tape on too long back in 1965 when I taped my 55 Chevy for a quick paint job. Quick turned into 5 months and it was a mess to remove the tape. Yesterday I picked up a free rocking horse for my 2 year old niece, but someone used masking tape on the pipe ends, rather than the correct end caps. Now I need to remove the tape without hurting the paint. This is probably too old and hard for even WD-40 to remove it, but I'll try.

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    We use a "prepsol" product for moulding glues and such do a search or try goobe-gone

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      Use mineral spirits to soak & soften the tape and an old credit card as a scraper ... works fine on hard automotive finishes.

      Experiment carefully on 'rocking horse' finishes.

      Mitch's 'Prep-Sol' is expensive re packaged mineral spirits, check the label.



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        Thanks JB good tip i need to do the same thing on a bathroom project.

      • Mitch
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        I will check that out tomorrow and report back

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      This product always worked well for me:

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