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Ford proves their stupidity once again

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  • Ford proves their stupidity once again

    And I'm a big fan of Ford but what the heck??? They make an office furniture builder CEO, and right off the bat he basically plans to scrap cars and have only trucks-SUV's and crossovers. That's not good. If gasoline spikes back up to 4 bucks a gallon they will be eating those vehicles and won't have any thing to sell that people want. Hackett claimed that Ford doesn't put much research money into cars anyway so why not? That is a good sign for people who were thinking of buying a Ford car. What happened to concentrate on QUALITY and the rest will take care of itself? Things have sure changed since Henry Ford was the President.

    Jacques Nasser was a complete idiot, almost bankrupted Ford in the 1990's. Concentrated on building junk and buying up fledgling car companies. Only thing that saved them this last time around was Alan Mullally. If it hadn't been for him they would be toast by now.

    Ford never seems to learn. Poor management brings you down every time. Hackett is only there for one reason and one reason only, to ramp up stock value at any cost. Ford hovers around 13-15 bucks while GM is 40 plus dollars and Toyota runs about $122 per share. That tells you something.

    Ford dumped the Ranger pickup, Crown Vic, and gave their minivan market share to Toyota-Honda-Chrsyler I see tons of them running around. Stupid. Pure stupid.

    Ford will be the next 'orphan' car behind Pontiac-Oldsmobile-Studebaker-AMC-Packard and on and on.

    It was a fun ride but I see the end of the road coming.

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    Funny that you bring this up now, because just yesterday I was thinking how much nicer it was driving in the 60's when everyone drove a car, and the only pickup trucks you saw were owned by farmers or construction people. Everyone seems to be used to high priced gas, and no longer cares about getting the best fuel mileage possible. Now they drive big vehicles, tailgate and speed.


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      Yes they do Tom, you are correct. It's everywhere.

      In 1967 my father-in-law bought a very nice Chevy Impala with a 327 that served him well. Pretty car, it was that medium to dark blue they had that year. Owning a farm and being a fitter by trade,he also wanted a pickup truck and went and bought a new Ford F-100 with a 240 six cylinder engine and a four speed. It was bare bones but was a great truck he had it many for years. Pop bought a new '59 F-100 and also a new '60 F-100 for one of the businesses he ran. My point in this is that I recall both of them telling me in the 60's, a TRUCK was just that it was cheap transportation and not every one had them like today.

      Ford announced their first over $100,000 new pickup a couple weeks ago. It's a TRUCK people. They used to be cheap transportation, not any more!

      Marketing. Ya gotta hate it!


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        I had a 53 Ford pickup in the late 70s. Bare bones was right. I think it had 3 knobs on the dash: lights, heater and choke. Rubber mats and a bench seat. No air ride, leather buckets, a/c, electric Windows or stereophonic blue tooth sound system. But it ran like a top in all kinds of conditions.

        Come me to think of it, driving that wasn't that different than driving a Model A!


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          Ford's new 100,000 F-450 that massages your back, should be a huge seller

          4~ Tudor's
          1~ Coupe

          Henry Ford said,
          "It's all nuts and bolts"

          Mitch's Auto Service ctr


          • BNCHIEF
            BNCHIEF commented
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            I would buy a cheaper truck and drive it to the massage parlor.

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          Oh, I want the new Lincoln seat, 36 different adjustments!! They need a separate computer just to handle all the settings on that one!!
          You wana look waaay far up da road and plan yer route because the brakes are far more of a suggestion than a command!


          • CarlG
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            I'm surprised that Ford didn't put that one out under the Lincoln badge.

          • Jeff/Illinois
            Jeff/Illinois commented
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            And if you're like me, once you set the seat adjustment it ain't goin' anywhere!

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          Just learned thru a Ford Corporate website that the plan to scrap 5 car models seems to be on hold. Must have been Hackett talking out his butt. They still need to trash can this guy............


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