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    Had some really bad thunderstorms come thru here in central kansas last nite. Power went off since I live in a rural area generator not working do not know why yet never a problem power came back on at 3 am i heard a noise motor on awning window was running and would not shut off . 4 inches of rain in 2 hours 60 mph winds and a real light show. My friend and electrician is gonna stop by at 0800 and see if we can figure what is up with the generator. I called him last nite and he said I will be right over what a guy, but I said no it is not that important it is wet let's do it tomorrow when it is light and safer for both of us. This gen problem has me baffled. Always something.

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    Glad your OK, maybe you can run a cord from Mitch's generator ? You should still have enough power, by the time it gets to Kansas, to run a few things.
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      No kiddin.

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    What's a "power outage"??? We had NO electricity, down in the WOODS & "running water" wus someone trottin' with a BUCKET!
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      Two years ago power was down for 10 days because of ice storms.

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    Chief do you have an automatic switch panel?
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      No I use a miller bobcat had a bad breaker on the miller fixed now my buddy had one on his truck funny how crap breaks when you have not used it.

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      I did forget to mention i can isolate my gen power from the line power with a switch device in the panel so no lineman gets shocked while fixing downed lines and poles.

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    I DIDN'T use my Tack Hammer & the MAGONET DIED!---I'd better keep MYSELF moving!


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      When I was eight I saw the Wizard of Oz and I told myself then, I'll never set foot in Kansas, it has tornados and witches and I don't like neither and I've lived up to that promise, never been to Kansas but..........I still lived through a tornado and married quite a few witches.
      "Bullshit and Brilliance Comes with Age and Experience"


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        Some of the witches are good witches trying to figure out which witch is which can be expensive.

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      Originally posted by BILL WILLIAMSON View Post
      I DIDN'T use my Tack Hammer & the MAGONET DIED!---I'd better keep MYSELF moving!
      A horseshoe magnet will retain it's magnetism longer if a steel bar is kept across it's ends.
      That's probably also true for the tack hammer with it's split end.
      Might even help to keep the flywheel magnet next to the magneto steel core on small engines. Sometimes it's said to store the engine with the piston at TDC to help prevent cylinder rust, but this will also keep the magnet next to the iron core.

      In the 80's I bought an Onan generator that hadn't run in several years. I plugged my saw into it and tried it several times, but the residual magnetism was mostly gone. Finally I grabbed the carb throttle to override the governor and opened it wide open for just a second or two. I did this several times, then the tiny bit of magnetism got it generating once more. It was fine after that, so I'd say a person should exercise the generator at least every couple years, just to keep up the magnetism.


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