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Failed Attempt to Remove Stuck Piston

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  • Failed Attempt to Remove Stuck Piston

    Yesterday I made this brass adaptor to screw into the spark plug hole on a 1950's Power Products engine with a stuck piston. This is a 2 stroke engine, but the piston is stuck above the intake and exhaust ports, so I filled the cylinder with oil, then used my grease gun to pump in a lot of grease and pressure. The pressure pushed the oil past the piston and rings, but didn't move the piston. If I had a powered grease gun it would probably pump the grease in much faster than I can do by hand, and it might have unstuck it.

    I used a piece of 9/16" brass hex, then drilled a #3 hole for the grease fitting, which is 1/4 x 28 thread. I had to buy a 14mm x 1.25 die on ebay for the spark plug thread. I turned the brass to a snug fit of the ID of the die as a guide, to be sure the thread started straight.

    Stuck Piston Greaser.JPG

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    I am sure we can find another use for that nifty tool you made
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      I've used a GREASE gun to open stuck Disc Brake pistons. Hooked a pressure gage on the grease gun, it PEGGED out a 2,000 Lb gage!---NO
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        I'm going to make another brass plug hole fitting to mount my dial indicator to so I can check the timing.
        Power Products sets the timing by so many thousandths before top dead center, and my engine is .020 BTDC.

        I've also used a grease gun to unstick a frozen disc brake caliper. It works great.
        I also made an adaptor with a 3000 PSI gauge to check the injector pop off pressure and spray pattern on my diesel Rabbit engines.


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          I hooked air to a stuck hydraulic ram once . Got to about 95 lbs and the 2' ram and parts left rapidly !! They came down after a while and I was safe again, to further my quest in stupidity
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            Here is an easy way to make a spark plug hole adaptor. Just buy this low priced drain plug with the same spark plug thread, then drill the top to push the magnet out, and use a 1/4 x 28 tap for the grease fitting, or you can make an adaptor for a depth gauge or dial indicator. You can also screw this fitting into the Model A compression gauge adaptor the dealers sell, then use it to find exact TDC on your Model A engine.

            Be sure to read the last part of shipping in the description. Russia must have some postal system.



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