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Crap!!!!! I've been found out!!!!

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  • DaWizard
    Talk about crap gas!!
    by DaWizard
    I just noticed something to day that has me a bit troubled.

    Awhile ago I replaced my original gas cap with what I think was a repo that I found fit better than the original. Now since I don't trust the venting on the repo parts, I drilled a small hole in the top of the cap to insure it vented well.

    Well, today I went to wipe off the sweat that had gathered around the hole
    01-24-2018, 06:39 PM
  • Patrick
    Tale of an elusive rattle,
    by Patrick
    I've been chasing a rattle for a couple years but wasn't too worried about it. Can't make it happen when I'm trying to find it, it'll only do it most of the time when driving making it tough to find. I've thought it was the generator or headlight shell, so they were taken apart.

    I brought the monster in for its yearly check a couple months early and determined to fine that noise....
    08-26-2019, 03:06 PM
    Found pics of what I started with
    by STEBS
    Found pictures of the "pile of parts" I picked up and have been slowly piecing together. They were all lost on my broken phone, but thankfully Facebook messenger still had them. So without further ado, here was the day I picked them up....
    You do not have permission to view this gallery.
    This gallery has 21 photos.
    01-26-2020, 11:25 PM
  • Beauford
    What a joke...
    by Beauford
    Glad I paid $2 for this at a yard sale...I don't know if it's worth that but what a strange omen as I'm working on one. Found some notes and stuff inside. Only thing I learned is repo parts were cheap in the 70's.....
    You do not have permission to view this gallery.
    This gallery has 2 photos.
    06-10-2017, 09:01 PM
  • Dennis
    A change to crap gas
    by Dennis
    Just what we need is a higher level of alcohol in our gas 15%. Now the problems should get worse.
    10-09-2018, 08:40 PM
  • Jim Mason
    the term 'driver'
    by Jim Mason
    I've never liked the term 'driver'. i understand the intended meaning but I've found it too often used as an excuse for shoddy workmanship, or trying to use really cheap quality parts.
    It's like saying, rather than wiring my house I'll just use drop cords. Or if I run this pipe out the side of the house I won't have to plumb the kitchen. neither matter because the house is just used for living,...
    09-07-2018, 09:55 AM
  • Tom Wesenberg
    Finally Found 6 Volt Red LEDs for Turn Signals
    by Tom Wesenberg
    If I install turn signals, I would like to have them somewhat hidden, so I've been looking for 6 volt red LEDs, and finally found some on ebay. I also bought identical amber LEDs from the same seller. This is a back burner project, so it may not get done anytime soon.
    04-02-2018, 03:56 PM