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Build a Picnic Table or Work Bench for Only $5

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  • Build a Picnic Table or Work Bench for Only $5

    About 5 years ago my neighbor gave me his dad's old picnic table top, which he had laying in the dirt behind his garage. It looked good enough to save and put back to use, if I made some legs for it. My friend found a nice pair of heavy duty steel legs at a garage sale for $5. They look like they may have come from a high school shop class work bench, as many schools have dropped shop classes. I got some free paint from the local recycling center, and had a piece of 3/4 plywood left over from a pile I bought about 10 years ago, which came from an ice skating rink. So now I have a nice heavy duty work bench or picnic table for only $5.


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    Found an abandoned edger, with a broken starter rope, behind Baskin-Robbins. A quick piece of clothesline rope & gave it to Kyle & John
    Bill Funtogive


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