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Car tie down system for your car.

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  • Car tie down system for your car.

    This is what i use in my trailer I run heavy straps from the back axle to the front and heavy straps from the back axle to the rear. I run straps over both tires attached to the e-track over the tires after the car is winched into the trailer comes up against the removable chocks, i have their position marked so that when the car is in place the tongue weight will always be correct.
    Rust-resistant steel wheel chocks help stabilize an ATV, UTV, car, or truck that's tied down in your truck bed or trailer. The E-track fittings allow you to easily move the chocks to different anchor slots on horizontal E-track. Lowest Prices for the best tie down anchors from Erickson. Erickson E-Chock Wheel Chocks for E-Track - Powder Coated Steel - Qty 2 part number EM09162-2 can be ordered online at or call 800-298-8924 for expert service.

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    Good morning Chief !! Do you ever get a chance to drive your car or are you too busy on the trailer yet pAAt
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    Model A's and of course the famous AA's


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      Paat i like your sense of humor.

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    Oh yeah paat been driving it as well after the 1400 mile shakedown cruise with the trailer just made a couple of additions to make it work as intended and it does it perfectly as I had hoped, had not quite planned on the number of hours i put in this thing. I was on the gamarri tour in iowa just recently and am planning on a lot of driving til it gets cold and it drives really nice with the mitchell overdrive and radial tires.


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