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  • Case 1845c starter

    Finally fixed my Case 1845c starter problem (days of turmoil) by going to my starter/ electrical guru. 3 dollar part and she spins like new. Pic shows solenoid plunger and contacts. All I needed was one terminal contact (brass piece left or right of plunger) and 5 minutes to replace. If your starter clicks once, on engagement, this could be the problem or multiple clicks could be your switch. Trying to save someone some grief and tons of money, Pat
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    Model A's and of course the famous AA's

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    On the old GM starter solenoids it was possible to flip the large copper washer and turn the studs half way around to give new contact surface.

    I did several back in the 60's and 70's.


    • pAAt
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      I wish you lived closer Tom, we could have fixed my problem sooner and then went fishing !! I need to take you to my "guru" someday, it's been a family business down here for generations. The old guys are gone, but the son of one continues the operation with a lot of wisdom from his elders. Their shop is like an old hardware store and he knows where every little part is. Great days to you, Pat

    • George Miller
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      I use to do that also, works just fine.

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