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Thanks to a Jamaican to show what to do

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  • Thanks to a Jamaican to show what to do

    The world's greatest sprinter shows our flag and nation respect last month. Thank you Mr. Bolt.

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  • Bobm90
    Car Show
    by Bobm90
    Yesterday I went to a charity car show, the profits collected went to buy oxygen masks for pets, these mask sets are especially designed in 3 sizes to fit any animal recovered from a house fire and will fit from a bird to a large dog. The mask sets are purchased and distributed to volunteer fire depts. by the group that sponsors the show, this is about the 3rd year for these types of shows and quite...
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    11-05-2018, 06:35 AM
  • WMWS
    by WMWS
    While you lucky guys were down at Brent's I went to Trexeltown. What a great show. Probably nearly 200 cars there and the most amazing American flag displayed over the cars and a beautifully restored fire engine. A great venue for the show.
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    04-23-2018, 09:07 AM
  • 1931 Flamingo
    Cider Mill Show
    by 1931 Flamingo
    Went to the all A&T show today at Beardsley Cider Mill in Shelton, CT (Mitch you attended a few years ago), about 45 cars/trucks, etc AND one of Mr Kelly's Town Car AND the Town Car Delivery ! ! !
    Paul in CT
    05-11-2019, 03:12 PM
  • Terry, NJ
    Trexlertown and Jacktown shows
    by Terry, NJ
    I hope everyone (Nearby)is going to the Trexlertown mod. A show on May 18. It's the same weekend as the Jacktown show. Jacktown runs for three days and Trexlertown is only on Saturday. They're both great local shows!
    05-04-2019, 01:43 PM
  • Jwmckenzie
    Woodies in the Cove Car Show
    by Jwmckenzie
    The 3rd Annual National Woodie Club and 8th Annual Woodies in the Cove Car Show is coming to New England in Wells Maine on Saturday August 10, 2019.

    Friday is a Cruise North to Kennebunk, ME and ends in Qgunquit, ME
    Saturday is the car show and parade thru Ogunquit, ME. They are expecting over 100 Wooden Cars at the event
    Sunday is a Cruse South to Kittery Point into Portsmouth,...
    974 Post Road, Wells ME
    04-10-2019, 06:58 AM
  • DaWizard
    I'll show you mine if you show me yours! VFF TOPPERS
    by DaWizard
    Toppers in the making, sister thread!!

    Well, since I was the second to get one I figured it was up to me to get this ball a rollin. So here ya go, be sure to read the captions on each pic.
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    05-16-2020, 01:25 PM
  • Terry, NJ
    Rieglesville show tomorrow, Sunday
    by Terry, NJ
    As the title says the Rieglesville show and swap meet is tomorrow between 8am and 2 pm. I'l be there with my coupe with the green wheels. It's off 611, a right turn if you're coming north. Between 611 and the Delaware river. Nothing big, just a nice, friendly little show!
    11-02-2019, 04:54 PM
  • Nabco
    Car Show Today.....
    by Nabco
    Had both cars at a show today, cool pic of "Sister's" reflection in my C5 "DejaBlu", probably had 30 kids jumping in the rumble seat and driver's seat for pics...she was a big hit...she also won the trophy for best antique at the show
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    09-09-2017, 06:14 PM
  • mhsprecher
    Annual Northern VA Father's Day Car Show
    by mhsprecher
    Always a great show. Sponsored by the local Model A Club.
    05-25-2018, 03:14 PM
  • Jm29henry
    Old car festival
    by Jm29henry
    looks like they are trying to fix this show before it is to late . It is free this year for all cars this year . You have to put in your application and be accepted .this is not a show that you can just show up and get in love love love this event hope to see you there
    08-13-2017, 07:32 AM