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How Do You Remove the Center of a 5/8" Spark Plug?

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  • How Do You Remove the Center of a 5/8" Spark Plug?

    I need to make a grease fitting adaptor to a 14mm spark plug, so I can hopefully use a grease gun to push a stuck piston in a Power Products engine.
    It was easy to snap the upper part of the plug off, but I can't even chip the rest of it inside the metal body.
    I bought two of these adaptors at AutoZone for just under $4, but still would like to knock out the centers of a couple of old 5/8" plugs.

    SPARK PLUG NON-FOULER 14mm with copper washer... stop plug from fouling!!

    Here's the link to one on ebay.

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    Tom i usually screw the plug into an old head and then punch the center through. Wear googles as the porcelain can splinter and get into your eyes
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      Long sleeves and a chest protector
      maybe a press would be a better choice!
      I should have stated first with a really Big Hammer


      • DaWizard
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        I am so disappointed. From you I expected a "not a tappity tap, but a TAP TAP".

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        The "TAP-TAP-TAP" wuz MY thing!!!
        Bill Littlehammer

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      Originally posted by Big hammer View Post
      Long sleeves and a chest protector
      maybe a press would be a better choice!
      I should have stated first with a really Big Hammer
      A few years ago I was using my 20 ton press to install an original impellor onto a new stainless water pump shaft, and that thing exploded, sending pieces all over the garage. From not on I'll buy the shaft with the new impellor installed.


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        OK, the spark plug has a 14mm x 1.25 thread, and after doing some ebay research I found that thread is also used on some German wheel lug bolts, some bicycle pedals, some wheel studs, and some oil pan drain plugs. I just ordered 4 of these magnetic drain plugs, so I should be set for my projects, but I still want to remove a few centers from the spark plugs. Hate to get beat by a spark plug, so I might try the press.


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