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Which is a Better Cleaner, Simple Green or the Purple Cleaner?

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  • Which is a Better Cleaner, Simple Green or the Purple Cleaner?

    I haven't tried either one, but I have a fiber air filter off an old chainsaw that looks to be plugged with old oil and dirt.
    I was thinking of putting it in a round container with some cleaner, then letting it roll for an hour on my rock tumbler to clean it.

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    I would use which ever one you can get cheaper.. It seems to be a toss up when doing a google search "simple green vs purple power"
    Many have asked this question!
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      Depending on the application, I am happier using Dawn dish washing liquid. I have only used Simple Green so I can't comment on the Purple stuff.
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        I have used Zep Industrial Purple Cleaner and Degreaser Concentrate for years. I let the greasy part sit in the solution for an hour or so. Grease brushes off easily. Available at Home Depot.


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          Apple Green recommends Simple Green............
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