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It's Henry Ford's Fault..............

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  • It's Henry Ford's Fault..............

    "Bullshit and Brilliance Comes with Age and Experience"

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    There you go.
    I told you we should have been buying Studebakers.
    That darn Henry Ford (shown here with his plastic car) is going to do us in.

    Henry Ford's Plastic Car.jpg


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      He didn't realize that OLD FOLKS have trouble just OPENING Plastic stuff!
      Dad Bumblefingers


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        Thanks for the link Ed!
        I read about Ford Explorer Police car carbon monoxide exhuast leak.
        Ford thinks the leaks are from police lights install in unsealed holes in the bodies.


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          This proves it
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          Henry on the left driving his 999 racer in 1903.

          This proves that Henry was a hotrodder.

          I bet he would approve of us carrying on his tradition.
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          Come out and enjoy the Diamond Tread's 50th anniversary party and get a button and I think a window sticker for your Model A.
          12100 Mora Dr, Santa Fe Springs, Ca
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