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Road Trip on Some of America's Oldest Roads

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  • Road Trip on Some of America's Oldest Roads

    Earlier this month I drove some of America's oldest highways. I drove the Lincoln Highway (established in 1913) from the Gettysburg, PA area to it's terminus in Lincoln Park in San Francisco. At San Fran I turned South and took the Pacific Coastal Highway (completed by prisoners during the Depression) to the Santa Monica Pier which was the end point of old Route 66 (the major migrant road from the Mid-West to CA in the 1930's). I drove on the old portions of Route 66 for a while but left it to tour Arizona's Monument Valley, returned to it, and then left it for good in Tucumcari, NM to head into Kansas to visit friends, then home. The quarantine was effected after I had gone about 700 miles west on the Lincoln Hwy. I elected to continue. I was only slightly inconvenienced but was disappointed that some of the attractions and a major automobile museum was closed by the quarantine. I got back about the middle of this week. Photographs taken along the way are below

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    Out of curiosity, what was your set of wheels that you took on this trip?? Thanks for sharing the pics!!


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      Great photos!
      Thanks for sharing Bud. ​​​​​​​
      Twiss Collector Car Parts


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        Jamey-Last summer I took my Model A's on weekend trips as well as a 1957 Thunderbird. I decided I liked comfortable seating, AC and heat a lot! I took a 2016 Ford Explorer. Was glad I did as I was a day behind the 6' of snow that hit Donner Pass in CA when I went through it. Roadside snow was well above the car. Also, in the mountains above Taos, NM I was in drifting snow and then sleet for about 3 hours with a wind so strong that I really had to hold onto the car door if I opened it to see if my wheels were still on pavement. I came out of that storm as I got to lower elevation and entered a desert lightning and thunderstorm that was quite impressive. An older car could certainly make the trip but it would be better to do it in the summer and as part of a caravan.


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          Nice trip Bud, did you go with anyone else? Thanks for sharing those pictures, I thoroughly enjoyed them. I’m glad you made it back safely.

          Stay safe my friend
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            A hand full of years ago, my wife and I did a similar drive, picking up Route 66 at Pontiac and following it as far as Denman when we turned to Phoenix to catch up with Model A friends.
            BTW, I think you'll find Monument Valley is in Utah, not Arizona.
            Thanks for bringing back those memories


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              Hi Mitch-I was to meet a friend who was to fly into Santa Monica and I was to drop him off in Wichita. He cancelled when he found the micro-breweries would be closed.

              Greynomad-Monument Valley is located on the Arizona-Utah border. I was in both states. Glad you enjoyed the photos.


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                Bud, when going through Nebraska at one point you were less than a mile (as the bird flies) from where I grew up. Our house sat on what was at one point part of Fort McPherson. Rod
                At some point in time standardization was a creative idea.


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                  Believe it or not, Rowdy, I actually thought of you and your Model A stash pile when I went through NE.


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                    Unfortunately the farm is sold, so alot of the stash was sold, but still have plenty. I have moved to the East end of the state. Still have some stuff stashed at a friends place near Gothenburg incuding my A at this point. Working on getting things put away and organized so I can get the A here. Then will bring the rearends and bigger stuff to finish salvaging out what is usable. Still need to sell the KRW and Kwikway stuff as there is not enough room here and still have usable shop space. Rod
                    At some point in time standardization was a creative idea.


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                      Has anyone done the US Route 20 coast to coast? If yes, was it a nice/fun trip?


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