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  • Missed Opportunities never go away

    Went to an auction in northern Minnesota yesterday and wasn't ready for what was there. A 33 Ford BB with a solid cab and a free B engine. It had a Case side mount engine/radiator (30's I believe) set up for a saw mill on back. I let it slip away for $1900.00. I'm kicking myself today and that's all I can think of !! Please tell me your stories to make me feel better.
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    Well how do u know if you did bid the 1900 that no one would have bid after?
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    • pAAt
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      Mitch, I should of taken it a lot higher than I did. The truck was clean and well taken care of. I'm just a little sick today is all. Mitch, since this is a BB/Case topic could you transfer it to "off topic" Thanks, Pat

    • Mitch
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      Hey Pat it was not meant to be, someone from above was saving you a lot of agg. I buy lot's of moderns through auction and when i don't get something that i really wanted that's the way i look at it.

      An old auction trick everyone needs to be aware of is to make sure someone is actually bidding against you in the crowd. I like to stand up front next to the auctioneer and look back at the audience to keep an eye on that. These guys are SLICK

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      You are so right.

    • pAAt
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      Great tip Mitch ! I'm not much on auctions, but my friend is and he is up front checking everyone
      out come to think of it. I'll jump his ass for not telling me that Thanks, I feel better now !!
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    Maybe the loss saved you from sawing your arm off. went up north and didn't stop in on your way back........hmmm.


    • pAAt
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      I was riding with a friend from Hager City, Wis. and just skirted the Twin Cities north. I don't miss that traffic at all Tom ! I'm thinking mid week, next week, if that's available on your schedule ? You would have loved that Case engine setup, HUGE, with cast iron radiator shroud and 4-10" pistons.

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    Here is the link to an auction in NJ that may be of interest. I am not affiliated with the auction company or the owners of the items.

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