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12 volt DC to 110 AC Rotary Converter

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  • 12 volt DC to 110 AC Rotary Converter

    I bought this antique voltage converter a few months ago. You feed 12 volts DC into one end, and pick up 110 AC on the opposite end through another set of brushes. I also have a couple of more modern converters made by Honeywell, and they are much more efficient. This is the first one I've seen where the shaft comes out the end of the case, and has a pulley. Has anyone else seen a converter like this?

    I'm wondering if the pulley is so it could be powered by a small gas motor, or is it so you can use it as an electric motor to power something?
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    I believe the pulley is for drive only. This is likely a Gramme ring design converter used to convert AC, when available, or shaft engine power input to a DC output. I've seen several like that for 32V output. I love those big threaded bakelite brush caps and the asbestos wire!
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