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    I've gotten quite a few good things for free on the curb during the past year. Two days ago I was riding with my neighbor, and while driving through Wisconsin I got a nice box fan that works fine. All I did was remove the front and rear covers so I could wash the dirt off them and the fan. I can't figure out the 2 odd holes by the handle though. They have paint on the edge, so they were there when the fan was made. It must be some odd defect from when the steel was rolled out at the mill, or some machine did it when it was formed at the fan factory. Walmart sells this fan for over $40, but it doesn't have the 2 odd holes.

    12 years ago I got a nice shop vac because the hose was plugged with Christmas tree needles. This summer I got 2 air compressors, a large solvent tank, and a heavy duty work bench.
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    I would write the manufacturer of that fan and tell them it developed those holes.... I bet they send you out a free one
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      Here's a funny :-) I replaced a toilet for my mom and she was worried about how to get rid of it. I placed it on the curb with a sign FREE works, we had a snack on the back porch and 1/2 hour it was gone!
      The new toilet would flush a bowl full of golf balls, work great for her!
      When we closed the store, the dumpster would get emptied out every night by divers. Grandmas electric organ was carted off and an hour later was making sounds.
      Dad had saved 4 dozen boxes of plate wares and I was not careful with them until I talked with one of the divers, if you can make $ with them , I will stack them out side the dumpster
      Oh the stories from growing up with two business some good some bad
      When some say been there done that? I lived it :-)


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        Toilets make great flower pots!!!

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      Has there been other reports of this happening?

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