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Buying Garage Door Service on the Internet is a Ripoff

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    Buying Garage Door Service on the Internet is a Ripoff

    My neighbor bought a "Groupon" on the internet for garage door service. It said something like "garage door tune up", and Joe didn't recall the price. All the guy did was look the door over and tell Joe he needed all new hardware for the door. The door was only 2 years old, so the most it would have needed is to oil and adjust the rollers, and maybe adjust the UP and DOWN stops on the motor. Joe told the guy to leave and didn't pay him anything.

    Saturday I fixed a garage door for Mark, after he got ripped off from buying an internet service. The guy wouldn't even reinstall the motor cover, because he said it was off when he came. I couldn't see that the garage guy did anything, as this took place only a couple months ago. I installed a new nylon gear, as the one in there was completely stripped and laying in a pile of white powder.

    I know this country has changed from a manufacturing country to a service country, but the service is often poor or non-existent. They are quick to take your money though.

    Model A rear springs and garage door springs have a lot in common. Both are very dangerous, be careful.
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    Model A's and of course the famous AA's


      It's amazing the things that people fall for

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