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A Spring Leaf Spreader to Oil Each Leaf

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  • A Spring Leaf Spreader to Oil Each Leaf

    I found this last Friday at an antique shop on my way to Ken's swap meet. It has a slight bend that I should be able to remove on my press.

    Spring Leaf Spreader.JPG

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    Do u think that was the tools original designed use?
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      Originally posted by Mitch View Post
      Do u think that was the tools original designed use?
      Yep, I've seen them at Hershey and they are also labeled as a spring leaf spreader to oil or grease the springs.


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        Marco's Rear Spring Chart / L. Jones Front Spring info
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        Here's a nice spring chart that Marco made several years ago to help us keep the correct springs under our vehicles.

        A is for body style 55A, 130A, 140, 295A (10 leaf)
        Tudor, Delux Delivery, Town Cars

        B is for body style 35A,B; 45A,B; 49A; 50A,B; 68A,B; 190A (8 leaf)
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        is slightly thicker at .300-.310 thickness, compared to the other leaves. So is that considered the bottom leaf with the eyes that connect to the shackles, or do they mean the leaf right above that one ? I am trying to figure out the rear spring off my 1930 Fordor which I assume should have such...
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        I've read that some of the leaf springs are now made with new types steel that are not compatible with oil and grease. Older manuals say to lube , etc. Wonder if spray graphite falls in to this category which we currently use on a lot of classics. Going to install a new rear A spring and curious if others have heard this.
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      • Tom Wesenberg
        Spring Lubrication, Mystik Grease, Graphite, and Covers
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        This has worked well for me. I've done a few for customers. Round the bottoms of the ends of each spring leaf. Grind the edge of any worn pockets on the tops of each spring leaf. Sandblast and powdercoat the springs, then coat them with Mystik JT-6 High Temp grease, sprinkle on graphite, and wrap them with spring covers. I can't imagine they will ever see a speck of rust in my lifetime, and they have...
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        Rear spring with reversed eyes.
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        My reversed eye front spring went in easily. I can see that the rear needs to be spread. Of course a spring spreader won't work with it. I was going to use the K. R. Wilson spreader but I have been warned that it is a very dangerous tool. It was also suggested to dismantle the spring. Bolt in the main leaf by itself as it would be easy to spread by hand. Then reassemble the spring. What do you th...
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        Tapered leaf rear
        by pooch
        I have a very nice 8 leaf rear T spring.

        The 7th leaf is not tapered, just has corners cut off.

        The rest are rounded and tapered.

        What year/s would this be and how much could I ask for it ?

        I guess it is veteran before Henry stopped tapering the leaves?
        10-14-2018, 02:24 AM
      • Steve Plucker
        Front and Rear Spring Restoration
        by Steve Plucker
        What is the best way to restore the leaf springs?

        Electrolisis...Sand blast...wire wheel...all the above ...none of the above...

        Followed by painting each leaf or not?...or use graphite grease...


        What have you done in your restoration to have a good looking front and rear spring?


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        Marco's FRONT Spring Chart
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        Marco Tahtaras did an excelent REAR Spring Chart showing just where the different individual springs went in a assembled REAR spring.

        That being the case ...did he ever do one for the FRONT Spring Assembly?

        I say this because I have several disassembled front springs and I do not know just where some of the leaves would go because they are of different lengths and thicknesses....
        01-20-2019, 05:08 PM