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A Wen Soldering Gun......Literally

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    If you JABBED an intruder with thet thing, he'd leave, FAST!---IF it was COLD, jist STAB him!---IF thet didn't work, jist give him a knee in the CROTCH! (OOOOO!)
    Bill Protector
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  • Mitch
    commented on 's reply
    I never saw that style before, but doing a search on Ebay "wen soldering pistol" a slew of those show up.
    A good find for you

  • DaWizard
    Yes, yes they did. Great find Tom.

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  • Tom Wesenberg
    started a topic A Wen Soldering Gun......Literally

    A Wen Soldering Gun......Literally

    Last Friday while driving to Ken's swap meet, I stopped at an antique shop and found this Wen 75 soldering gun. Wen took the name "soldering GUN quite literal. LOL Wen Soldering Gun 75.JPG

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