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  • Building an Outdoor Workshop

    This started when I decided to make an enclosure for my welder and air compressor. Then my neighbor put his solvent tank and stand and his stand for his milling machine out to the curb for free. After I cleaned, sanded and painted the tank and stands, I decided I should enclose them for added storage. So I bought some plywood off Craigslist to use. I painted all sides and edges of the wood, then covered all sides with tar paper and vinyl siding, and added a lock to each.

    I had been using a wood stick to hold the top open on the air compressor enclosure, until I could decide if I wanted to use struts or electric lifts. I bought a pair of 18" 12 volt electric lifts, then yesterday I added a remote control to operate them. Since they push and pull I won't have to add a separate lock to keep the tools secure. I added a peg board to part of the back wall to hang some basic tools, but still have a few more to hang. I still need to make slanted tops for the work bench and parts cleaner, and I'll also make a cover for the table saw on the far end.

    Minnesota isn't known for it's great weather, but I do most of my work outside, since my garage is so small, and the addition of these will sure help.

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    More excellent craftsmanship Tom, but it does lead me to wonder why you haven't just attached to the side of the house or garage, a work shed? Seems to me that you have almost consumed enough material to make a decent size shed or even a carport type lean to.
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      I should have built another garage in the back yard many years ago, but the way the neighborhood is going, I might be better off moving to the country.


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        Hey Tom that's a nice little tool storage area that you built, you sure do nice work. Do you need to add any weatherstripping to keep the moisture out?
        We use those flexzilla hoses in the shop, they are real good and durable. The only issue is the threaded ends break once in a while so i keep replacement ends in stock

        here is a pic of the hose repair kit

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        • Tom Wesenberg
          Tom Wesenberg commented
          Editing a comment
          I have the front door lined with felt weather strip, but the top has enough overhang so the rain and snow should stay out.
          In the center of the tools I have 3 C-clamps, and the center one is solid bronze. It must be made for mines or around explosive materials.

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