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    My second bathroom is my SHAVING/RECHARGING room, the Dog rarely goes in it.
    My Norelco shaver is VERY quiet & tricky to turn off. Buster T. kept looking in with interest & "sed", Hey, DUMMY, you left your RAZOR running"!!!
    In the bedroom at night, if my Jitterbug cell phone does its' "charge me" sound, that Dog will keep me AWAKE all night, until I get out of bed, take it to the other bathroom & put it on the CHARGER! I still sleep on my Hospital Bed & the Dog has the KING SIZED bed, next to me! When it's cold, he sleeps under my covers, against my side! He'll sleep in as long as I do!
    OH, my other Bathroom is where I do REALLY IMPORTANT stuff! Oh the JOY of havin' 2 Bathrooms to myself!!!
    Bill Dogguy
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    We have a "Pound Pitt" that lives by the rule, "on your feet, loose your seat". She usually has the end of the couch nearest the TV, but if you happen to get up to do whatever, even staying within sight, she will get up and take your spot.

    She loves to watch the Animal Channel, specially Pitt Bulls and Parolees. If a cat program comes on, she will sometimes chase the cat on the TV and bark loudly with her tail wagging. She will not let a cat in the yard!! We have several cats that know better than to enter her domain. If they tease her by walking on the 6' wall, she will jump up the wall and has almost caught a cat tail hanging on her side of the wall.
    You wana look waaay far up da road and plan yer route because the brakes are far more of a suggestion than a command!


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      We had kind of a dog once, Buffy, she was the Brother-in-laws and he lives in the 1st of 2 houses on a dead end road. We have lived here for 3 years now, on the home place, 2nd house in. We lived in the Twin Cities before that, but came to the farm every weekend for 25 years. Buffy died a year before we moved down here and she is still missed.

      Fridays we would come down and pick Buffy up and Sundays we would drop her off. She was our weekend Dog and we did almost everything together, fish, hunt, cut wood, ride 4 wheeler, go to town, and etc. She loved the weekend parties we had down here and new how to get food and praise from everyone. She was a Yellow Lab and the best dog I never owned.

      I've been waiting for Bruce my Bro-in-law to get me another weekend dog, but I think he wants me to get my own. Some day soon I hope.

      Thanks VFF for the Off Topics Forum and Bill
      Model A's and of course the famous AA's


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        The OFF-TOPIC section is a GREAT place, just to babble off stuff that may help folks forget their PAINS/TROUBLES, even if just for a minute or two.
        Chief always said, "We are ALL Children, in OOOOLD skins"!!!--HOW TRUE!--Just think about folks YOU know.
        Bill Young


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          Bill, when all you Old Timers have passed on, what am I to do for knowledge and wisdom !! The younger generation already knows everything and the only thing they need from me, now, is my hard earned money. Come to think of it, I'm a "little younger" Old Timer and my days are getting shorter fast. I best spend all my money promptly and teach them a final lesson in life !!

          Have a great day and say hi to that DOG of yours from me. Almost Old Timer, Pat
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          Model A's and of course the famous AA's


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            Life is SHORT, eat DESSERT, FIRST! I don't even buy GREEN BANNANAS---
            Oooooold Bill W.

          • pAAt
            pAAt commented
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            Morning Bill !!  What did the Dog tell you this morning ?  Told my wife about you and she said we should visit you this fall/winter. Never have I ever wanted winter to come so soon !

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          Sat up in bed, while rubbing my eyes, the Dog: gave me BIG slurpies on my LIPS (YUK!) He never ever did that before!!
          Patrick, come visit me & buy Vermin & ALL my tools & stuff, GREAT buy for someone ! If someone bought it, SIGHT UNSEEN, they'd be a HAPPY CAMPER!
          Bill W.


          • Mitch
            Mitch commented
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            Let's transport the stuff here:; I'll pay for the move

            SA ksooonoout

          • BNCHIEF
            BNCHIEF commented
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            I kinda figured your Dad would have you in his will.

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          I have 7 Grand puppies and no stories :
          3 ~ Tudor's
          Henry Ford said
          "It's all nuts and bolts"

          Mitch's Auto Service ctr


          • pAAt
            pAAt commented
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            Love your Dads stories ! Bill is the Heart and Happiness for me at VFF. His son comes in a close 2nd with his wisdom and understanding.

            I always scroll through to see where Bill has been and go there first. Educating with humor, what a fantastic concept.

            I would love to have your Dads stuff and who knows maybe that is to take place, but I would have to build a special place just for it. Pat's out of sheds now !!

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          Visiting Chief, in Oklahoma, got on a DEAD END road, with about 9 houses in a circle, everybody was off at Church. ALL their watch dogs came out, doin' their "STUFF"--As I left, their tails dropped, all them got quiet, except I hurd one say, "SHANE-SHANE, COME BACK, SHANE"!!!---He must have watched the MOVIE! Ever been to Gunnison, Colorado? The movie MUST have been filmed there! I'd LOVE to traverse the SWINGIN' BOARD Bridge, over the Royal Gorge, in a Model A---It was a THRILL, jist walkin' across it!!!
          "CHICKENS" on Harleys, stop, look across, then ZOOM across it!
          Dad Dog Lover


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            !n 1977 I was hiking coastal Hwy 101 in Oregon almost to California and a Black Lab started to walk with me and wouldn't leave me. I told him to go back numerous times, to no avail, so I figured it was destiny and another mouth to feed. Then from behind I heard the owner call his name over and over again, he looked at me with a sad face as he turned to go home. I sure missed losing that dog, but I had a hard enough time feeding myself at that point in my life. My 15 minute dog and a great memory for me.
            Model A's and of course the famous AA's


            • BILL WILLIAMSON
              BILL WILLIAMSON commented
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              He "probably" hurd thet little cellophane bag of CORN NUTS, rustling around in your pocket---Buster T. can hear plastic bag sounds, from the back yard!!!
              Bill Serious

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