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Fire destroys Country Classic Cars, dozens of antique vehicles in Staunton

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  • Fire destroys Country Classic Cars, dozens of antique vehicles in Staunton

    Has anyone ever been to this place?
    They had them packed in that building like sardines

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    Call the scrap Guys!


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      What a shame. Go look up their inventory list of the cars they had in it will make you sick.
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        I have been there, about 45 mins away. Lots of vehicles out side, the better stuff inside several buildings.
        I once saw a 54 mercury pickup there. Not many if any A's there


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          In the past 10 years it seems like there has been a record number of antique cars destroyed by building fires.
          I wonder what started the fire?
          Where is the inventory list of the cars lost in the fire?


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            Tom my guess would be electrical good reason to have battery cut-off switch or battery unhooked. I was in my shop one night when my model t started to smoke under the hood my little boy seen it I was about to go in the house for the night when it happened everything I have in a building has cut off switches except my two new vehicles in the attached garage.

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          Tom i google the place and their website came up with an inventory list that is how I got it.


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