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Small Parts Painting and Drying

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  • Small Parts Painting and Drying

    Have you ever been painting small parts and wished it didn't take so long to dry before you could assemble them? Years ago I started doing this at home on the backyard grille. I usually use either high temp or engine paint that is labeled gas resistant. We all know that's hardly true about gas resistant, but it helps. I turn one burner on the lowest setting, mine is a small two burner grille beings I am by myself and rarely have anybody show up for a meal. I usually give it a couple hours let it cool to room temp and check the paint hardness with the finger nail test. If it feels a little soft yet, I give it another couple hours. Saves me from having to wait a day or more.
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    Wet Paint Signs work well for people to test if the paint is still wet LOL
    Yes dried paint using an oven, heat gun, propane torch, and for free old man Sun! But it's still hard to keep finger prints out of fresh paint, your finger nail trick sounds better! Thanks for your tip!


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      If a part needs to be heated, I prefer to use my Milwaukee heat gun, rather than a propane torch. Fire puts out water vapor, which can make bare metal rust, and I'd think the water vapor could do bad things to paint. That said, I have built a small gallows to hang parts over my natural gas stove, so I can turn the burner on very low and have the part about 6 to 8 inches above the burner. This will dry the paint in a couple hours, rather than waiting at least a day.


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        The "HEAT PLATE" cycle, on the dishwasher works, IF you live ALONE!!---If not, you WILL be ALONE soon!
        Bill Loneranger


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          Great idea! I have small parts on this RPU that are black and no sense of busting out the HVLP so I use rattle primer and paint. I hate waiting on dry time...I have four grills so I shall dedicate one!!


            BILL WILLIAMSON commented
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            FOUR GRILLES!!!!---You could do a COOKIN' SHOW!!!
            Why are we in such a hurry to dry paints??? Just give it time so the paints can do what they're SUPPOSED/DESIGNED to do!!!
            Dad Plentyoftime

          • Beauford
            Beauford commented
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            I use to cater. I have one grill with 8 burners. Tow behind hog smoker, 2 Webers, 1 Sterling Forge, 1 CookShack, camping grills......I like to cook!

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          Fire up thet Hog Smoker & tow all them grills together & it'd look like a COOKIN' TRAIN---Maybe you could get on TV!
          Bro Bill W.


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