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Building Your Own Sandblast Cabinet

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  • Building Your Own Sandblast Cabinet

    When I needed something to hold the gloves in my sandblast cabinet I looked for months to find a short tube with a mounting flange that would be the right size to clamp the gloves on, and have a good flange to screw to the hole in the front panel. I couldn't find a thing until I was at Menards and spotted this extension cord reel. I cut off the majority of the flange with the large holes, then removed the black handle from the inside part, then cut the remaining center part in half. This was the perfect size for the gloves and had a nice flange to screw to the cabinet front panel.

    BTW I buy my gloves from Harbor Freight for about 5 or 6 dollars. They are shoulder length rubber gloves and not specifically called sandblasting gloves.

    I made my large cabinet from steel, but will use wood for the next one, if I build another. A guy in our club made his from wood, and it's much easier to work with and less expensive. I used glass on top and have a 4 foot fluorescent twin bulb light setting on the glass. This way the light bulb doesn't take up interior room, and it's protected from the blasting. Menards also has the large hose clamps (in the plumbing department) to secure the gloves.

    Menards Cord Reel.jpg

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    Nice tip Tom thanks
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    "It's all nuts and bolts"

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