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Model A's are Safer and Outlast a New Ferrari

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  • Model A's are Safer and Outlast a New Ferrari

    This is what can happen when you have too much horsepower. What a waste. This car was 1 hour old.

    Ferrari 430 Scuderia Destroyed 1 Hour After Purchase.jpg

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    An hour old! This guy gets my Darwin award vote.
    You wana look waaay far up da road and plan yer route because the brakes are far more of a suggestion than a command!


    • Mitch
      Mitch commented
      Editing a comment
      The guys here built model A's in worse shape than that
      look at Beauford

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    Tom, Stupid question, but did anyone die in that mess or did it just catch fire and burn?


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      The owner just took delivery of his new $244,000 Ferrari, and within an hour he lost control, left the road, and it crashed and burned, but I don't think the driver was even hurt, or at least not badly hurt.


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        Is that the one I saw on, "HOW IT'S MADE"???
        Bill W.


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          Model A’s in the Depression
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          Here is an interesting site on Fords. The link will take you to photos of A’s in the era, but there is a lot of other good information there as well.

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          This one of the best A's I have owned. It 85,000 on it all original the only one out of 25 that did not have frame sag.
          I did the painting. painted it Ford Maroon interior done by the best. engine need valve job and bearings adjusted....
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          A reasonably good (for over here) T tudor body for $2200 AUD.

          Just a few Model A wheels and various small bits, nothing too exciting.

          Was an older restored 53 chev 4 door sedan on full rego for $13K, if you like that brand. if it was a 53 Ford in the same conditon, they would have been asking $50K.
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          Some pics from the swap yesterday
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          Ford swap at Eastern Creek on july 28.

          34 cabriolet from Argentina.

          37 sedan.

          1920 T truck.

          In the car park was this older build T bucket, 48 ? Sedan, 48 ? convertible.

          Was a bit of speed gear there, and a complete lincoln V 12 motor in bits.
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          Always hard to find metal bows, and I would never chop a restorable set.

          This is what you can do with kitchen table legs.

          I first flattened them to an oval, then sectioned a piece out where the bend is.

          Then squared it a touch on the inside of the bend so it would fit in my stretcher machine, and pumped the curve into it.

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          My first rod, a 28 roadster.
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          I started with this. more to come...

          I only wanted the cowl, as I was going to build extended doors, but the door hinge screws were rusted on so I gave the guy another $100 , and I was glad I did when I got around to building it.

          Scored an already boxed A chassis and a few more bits

          HR holden independent front end with discs.

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          RG & JS Book
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          It seems i am always pulling a page through the binder ring so i keep these handy which makes them much more durable...
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