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  • Snake Oil

    Remember those products over the years that promised to be a protector or cure all. Most likely many of us fell for some of this stuff and tried it.
    I always had those deer whistlers on my vehicles until i hit a deer :
    i never went for the slick 50 or the tornado fuel mileage increaser

    What products do you folks remember?
    3 ~ Tudor's
    Henry Ford said
    "It's all nuts and bolts"

    Mitch's Auto Service ctr

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    I don't remember the name but was an additive for motor oil. After they installed it in a running motor, they cut the cooling hose off, then they drained the oil, removed the vavle cover, poured dirt on the vavle train.
    No I didn't ! But sure was fun watching :-)


    • Rowdy
      Rowdy commented
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      Think that was Z-Max. Seen it live in a park in Cheyene while in tech school in 1992. Rod

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    I saw a guy demonstrating how his oil additive helped prevent wear. He had a rig that pushed a steel bearing roller into a rotating disc on an electric motor. The bearing turned blue from the friction, but after his additive it stayed bright and didn't slow down the motor. I asked him if he would try it with the oil I use, but he said he wasn't there to test other people's products. Hmmm!


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      When I was 17 I went to an auto show and got suckered into buying the magic spark intensifier that smoothed out a V8 and gave it more horsepower. After trying it on my 55 Chevy and finding no improvement, I took it apart, and all it did was jump a 1/16" gap inside the black plastic part that fit into the center terminal on the distributor cap.


      • Mitch
        Mitch commented
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        Hey you had a hotter spark as advertised. Lol

      • Big hammer
        Big hammer commented
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        Honda 120cc engines have a resistor in the spark plug wire, if it was missing in quarter midget racing, that would get you DQ'd
        I learned alot about how not to cheat when I was a tech inspector or how others cheated

      • DaWizard
        DaWizard commented
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        Hey, was that redish brown and looked like a bullet?

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      After Market sales.....Poly-Gly-Coat, once in a life time car wax and Rusty Jones rust proofing....No one left the Dealership without one or the other, or both!


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        Answer to 4.3 dawizard I think so, it is in the plug terminal end! Removed and a hotter spark


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          Chief labeled MOST penetrating oils as "PANTHER PISS"!
          Remember "RING-IN? "Rebuilds" old worn out engines!
          Remember "POWDER PUFF PAINT"?---Even "fools" Judges---LOL
          Do SNAKES really contain OILS? Once cut a Lizards' head off with a CHAINSAW, "thought" it wuz a SNAKE, comin' out of the brush!!!
          KDad Oooooooooldandscary


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            This is not to say anything bad about any oil or brand just some info to consider. They are taking all the zddp out of the oil we run. Right now I have delo 400LE, being discontinued, I also have shell rotella T-4 both are 15/40 these still have the zddp in the higher concentration. You can also buy zddp
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            New oil container
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            Bought oil from Walmart, picked up the wrong weight, took it back to get the right weight. No problem but the young lady said the cap is leaking, she opened it and what was inside was OLD DRAIN OIL !
            They made it right but I felt like a heel/crook
            So after paying for oil, in fronf of the clerk, I'm going to open the container and check for new clean oil this point forward!
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            I'll start by saying do not attempt to run the motor on the fuel supply from the tank. Pumping debris or old crap gas into the carburetor is never a good thing. This can cause your valves and rings to stick. It will also mess up a good working carburetor.
            Hang an auxiliary fuel supply with fresh gas gravity fed directly to the carburetor....
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            Model T's don't have oil pumps.
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            The Model T does not have an oil pump. The engine and transmission share an oil pan, they are both bathed in the same oil. That oil is picked up by dippers under the connecting rods and slung around the engine. The magneto is attached to the flywheel and the bottom of it spins through the sump throwing oil everywhere. Ford had a funnel and tube system to catch some of that oil slung by the magneto...
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