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  • Damn Mice

    I just drove to the store to buy some slotted screws for the Model A voltage regulators I make. When I opened the door at the store, there was a mouse in the pocket by the door hinge. It looked at me for a few seconds, then ran forward. In the 70's I was working on my uncle's pickup and a mouse ran up the underside of the open hood. Damn thing must have had suction cups on it's feet. I'll never figure out how it could run up a metal hood upside down at a 45* angle.

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    Tom I hate mice also!
    I was walking one night and just finished talking about snakes maybe out to night when something crawled up my pant leg. Dang tree frog :-)


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      I watched a mouse climb straight up the cinderblock shop wall to the rafters.
      we have 24' ceilings
      4~ Tudor's
      1~ Coupe

      Henry Ford said,
      "It's all nuts and bolts"

      Mitch's Auto Service ctr


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        Working at the dealer, a HUGE SNAKE under a Datsun hood!!!---FINALLY trapped him in the hood hinge levers!!!
        Everyone took a trip to the TIDY-BOWL, to freshen up!
        Same, another time, with a BIG RAT. Everyone's chasin' him all over the shop, one HUGE leap & he landed in the HOT-TANK, for his last swim!
        KDad Chicken


        • Big hammer
          Big hammer commented
          Editing a comment
          I was in the woods getting ready to take a, and a BIG black snake crawled over my foot, yes it scared the crap out of me :-)
          Good place for the rat.

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        Workin' on a Jaguar Sedan, flat bedded in with blown off fan belts. "Something" BIG & FURRY in the cavity behind the head light???---A CAT! Nice kitty, locked him in my office for the owner.----"NOT MY CAT"!! His underhood hide out was FULL of Pork Chop Bones!!! Our Detail Guy adopted him & called him Piggy.
        Bill Stillscary


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          Did the cat knock the belts off? Maybe it didn't want his new house to be mobile! Glad someone adopted it !


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            The CAT rode there for about 65 MILES!
            Bill Lovedogs


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