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Model T Secondary Ignition Basics

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  • Model T Secondary Ignition Basics

    Buzz box 101!!

    Original Thread

    The basic Model T ignition system has four buzz coils. Each coil is timed to fire a specific spark plug at the correct time. The four buzz coils are in a box and when the key is turned on the brass plate at the bottom of the box is energized. The brass plate contacts the bottom of each coil, so they are all powered whenever the key is on, and each will fire when the circuit through them goes to ground. There are four wires coming out of the side of the coil box which go to a timer on the front of the engine. These wires go to ground one at a time as determined by the timer, and when one of the wires goes to ground the associated buzz box fires the related spark plug.

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      Coil internal wiring
      by Chuck Sea/Tac
      some info says the plus is where to check the high voltage, and another says use the minus. I also have seen wiring diagrams showing comman internal connection on both plus and minus. Are different coils wired differently to the + - terminals? Also, I get the same ohm reading from the hi tension tower to either plus or minus. This is on several coils that spark well.
      which terminal is the power...
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      "A" won't start. This is what I've done so far.
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      I have read about the big no no about mounting a ignition coil, terminals down on Model A firewall. I have a NAPA 12V internal resistor mounted upside down for 3 years. Brother rumbles by with 72 dodge Demon , nice 340 , while looking around I noticed ignition coil bolted on its side to intake manifold , factory dodge design. the same coil that I am using exactly, He says its been there for 15 plus...
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      With a Kettering ignition, you need a condenser else the spark you get from the coil is the most pitiful thing you can imagine, and won't jump an angstrom.
      Why are not modern electronic ignitions in need of a condenser? They still must have a coil, for obvious reasons
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      I bought a wire less lithium battery powered GPS speedometer works great in all my other cars but the Model A . there is no electrical connection to the car and is mounted on a peace of wood on the dash. it works good until I start the engine then goes blank. I am thinking that the coil is interfering with the signal some how. I can live without it but,thought it would be fun. what do you guys th...
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