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T air pump?

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  • T air pump?

    Is this a T pump?
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    Mickey, Tried to open the file, nothing there.


    • Mickey
      Mickey commented
      Editing a comment
      Got it working.

      Bob want's the value on one of these.
      Last edited by Mickey; 02-06-2018, 09:09 AM.

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    A two stage pump capable of higher pressures. Any markings or script? Others more knowledgeable will have to weigh in here.


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      Yes, it says Bridgeport Brass Co. on the bottom and it's pretty interesting so I bought it anyway. I'm not into fine point judging so I'll use with my Model A.
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        Mickey, it will go great with the A!! . Jeff
        Twiss Collector Car Parts


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          Here is a picture of a Model A tire pump I think the Model T pump was similar , had different script on base.
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            Mickey that is more of a brass era tire pump and definitely not a ford, that said the dual cylinder design makes it unique and yes it will work on your A I would post this query on the hcc or aaca site and picture something tells me that pump was made for an expensive brass era car.


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