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T & A Muncie over/under drive

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  • T & A Muncie over/under drive

    First six (red) pics are model T due to square input shaft right (over/under)? Last 4 are supposed to be 28-29 A-AA 3 spd. Muncie over/under drive. I'm waiting on input/output shaft pictures on the last 4 photos. Any info on these would be helpful. Price is 1500 shipped-ouch.
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    Model A's and of course the famous AA's

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    paat for 1200 hundred more you get a Layne warford quiet not noisy gears are always in mesh and a ratio you like. Talk to Birdhaven auto supply. Pm me if you need more.


    • pAAt
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      Thanks Chief. I'll check them out. Good day, Pat

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    The worm gear clamps did the trick and now I've moved on to being able to drive and enjoy the car!! YEA!!!

    An observation that I've made regarding these cars is that while they all appear to have been formed by the same cookie cutter, each car is an individual and has its own quirks and personality!...
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