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1925 t back firing

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  • 1925 t back firing

    hello my brother has a 1925 roadster it is back firing and loss of power he is in jax fl I am sc I went down found that one coil was bad and exhaust manifold was bad I sent he another coil and manifold. he put them on now running on all four but still back firing and no power he said if he turns the key to the battery side the car will die also if he dose not disconnect the battery and the car is not running the battery will die any suggestions I think maybe a short in the wiring
    1923 mode t roaster
    1930 model a

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    I would start with the cam for starters check the timing gears make sure there is not too much slop a broken tooth or has not jumped a tooth not likely and pull the valve cover make sure no valves are sticking, also good likely cause is your roller and commutator are bad.


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      thanks I will have him ck it


      • BNCHIEF
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        Wish I was close and I could help him need more help ask also check for a model t club there those guys that have them know what they are doing as well.

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