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1916 Front Spring Oilers?

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  • 1916 Front Spring Oilers?

    I recently acquired a Canadian 1916 Touring T. I thought it odd that the front spring shackles do not have any provision for oiling. Aren't these supposed to have holes in the perches and springs for flip top oilers or something? It looks like there is a spot on the spring but no hole, just a ghost of a circle. They could not have originally been like this - could they?
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    If anyone can give an opinion, much appreciated. Maybe then I will have something to post on "what I did to my T Today" later!


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      Welcome to the VFF!
      Hopefully one of the more experienced T guys will jump in soon.
      You can write anything you want, even if it is , in the What did I do on my Model T section.

      Again Welcome.

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        Thanks Jeff - so far I did nothing! Too cold for April.


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          Wobbly Dave WELCOME to the VFF!!

          Purdy wheels and tires, MORE pictures please
          You wana look waaay far up da road and plan yer route because the brakes are far more of a suggestion than a command!


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            Welcome Dave to the VFF.. From what I see it should have oilers. Check out the encyclopedia in the Model T technical sub forum.


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              So it sounds like I should at least have oiler on half - perch or spring - but wouldn't it be better to drill out and install oilers on both spring and perch? Or is there a better alternative? Suggestions? I hate the thought of not having lube there.


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                The early cars without the drilled spring or perch had either "Mae Wast" or "Figure 8" shackles with twist oilers on the end opposite the nut. The figure 8 style on the right is appropriate for a 1916 car.

                Chaffin's Garage in Corona, CA has nice repros.

                Best regards,
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