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Multi Plate Clutch Info!

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  • Multi Plate Clutch Info!

    The inside of the flywheel is the most critical part. If the internal splines are worn to where they have divots from the teeth on the clutch pack rattleing, the clutch will not release well. Also, that flywheel looks from the photo to be the early flywheel with out the releaf for the starter drive, so an early starter would be necessary. The transmission gears look good, so that is a plus, and the teeth on the clutch pack look nice also. If you take it apart, read the service bulletins carefully, as one of the clutch disks is different, and the placement of that disk is important.
    Eastern Connecticut

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    Yes, one clutch disc has slightly wider teeth to stop the clutch pack from rattling back and forth in the grooves. One of the teeth on this disc has a chisel mark to identify it, and this one is to be located closest to the tranny, as that one moves the least when the clutch is depressed.


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      Here are some multiplate flywheel pictures, and the first shows the flywheel on a 21" rim, so that strange bead to the left of the ring gear is the wheel
      Notice the first picture is the first style flywheel with a straight surface behind the ring gear.
      The next picture is the second style, introduced about August 1928, and has the relief in the outer edge for the new starter drive to replace the Abell drive.
      Before blasting, the flywheel didn't look too good, and I thought it even appeared to have worn internal teeth, but after cleaning, the flywheel looks NOS.


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        Some more info from Tom Endy

        3 ~ Tudor's
        Henry Ford said
        "It's all nuts and bolts"

        Mitch's Auto Service ctr


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          3 ~ Tudor's
          Henry Ford said
          "It's all nuts and bolts"

          Mitch's Auto Service ctr


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            Bert's does show them..............
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