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Adjusting Pressure Plate Fingers / Clutch Info

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  • Adjusting Pressure Plate Fingers / Clutch Info

    Original Thread

    Anytime you install a new pressure plate or are chasing the cause of clutch chatter, you need to check to be sure all 6 pressure plate fingers are at the correct height and even with each other. I made this simple tool to make the job quick and easy. I just use a bolt and two nuts through a piece of aluminum channel, and lock the bolt head 11/16" from the face of the aluminum channel. If the bolt head has markings, I file them smooth. This picture shows a pressure plate from Little Dearborn, that I installed for a club member a few years ago. Being a bit off of 11/16" isn't critical, but having all 6 the same measurement is critical.

    I made a hands free similar tool that beeps when the correct height is reached. You can see the picture and description in the "Homemade Tools" section.

    Homemade Tools Clutch Adjuster.jpg
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    Important Clutch Disc Warning!

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