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Fuel System Basics and Filtering Options

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    Wanna get rich? Invent a GOOD fiberglass tank that is dead on to an original..
    Good enough.. Isn't.


    • plyfor
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      good point; we just pulled a '22 Lincoln rusted gas tank that had a complicated baffle system inside. No way to clean, etc. so our vendor cut out the top (hidden under car rear) removed the baffles, welded back the sheetmetal and $800 later, clean gas!

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    Mitch Great bit of information and the pictures and information was a big help thank you


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      Glass Bowl 101:

      A. After proper glass bowl installation, this glass sediment bowl was designed to have the top of the glass bowl in contact with the bottom of a proper fitting upper glass bowl gasket; either cork or even better as advertised neoprene ...... and most importantly with gaskets as offered "only" by a reputable Model A parts supplier like Bratton's or several others.

      B. Next the top of this same proper glass bowl gasket has to be in contact with the upper metal; i.e., solid top of glass surface to bottom of soft gasket, and solid top metal to top of soft gasket ............ not much different from millions of soft leak proof gaskets used Worldwide.

      C. In carefully reviewing a proper Model A glass bowl when held upright, this bowl has an upper-inner recess which is designed to receive the metal filter screen.

      D. If a new, poorly made screen is too large in diameter to neatly fit in this recess, this screen has to be carefully trimmed to fit down in this glass bowl recess; otherwise, the joining of this joint between the glass sediment bowl and the screen will leak through the openings in the screen.

      E. A major problem is that some first place the gasket on top of the glass bowl, next place the metal filter screen on top of the gasket, and install this assembly with the screen in contact with the metal surface above, which is also guaranteed to leak.

      F. After trying to understand these instructions, if one has a glass bowl that still leaks, try getting one of those Teeter-Totter Pain Relief Spinal Back Extenders Contraptions, rotate your body upside down, and try to assembling your glass sediment bowl while resting upside down.

      Hope this helps.


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        Electric fuel shutoff maintenance

        You might want to open up (remove the plunger) in your fuel shut off solenoid and clean the insides good with spray carb cleaner. I have to do this a couple of times a year because of the gas, even though I use MMO generously and Stabil or SeaFoam. You want to hear a "solid" click when you turn the key on. If it doesn't fully open you'll get fuel starvation symptoms.
        Paul in CT


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          Additional fuel filter info!

          Here is a little more info regarding the Wix 33039 glass bowl filter. The filter sits on the depression as pictured here. This is what holds the filter in place..

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