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Tire mounting tips

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    Originally posted by Mitch View Post

    I put the first bead onto the rim, then install the tube, and finally the last tire bead.
    I do it the same way most of the time. Once assembled I air it up, the let the air out and bounce it a bit, then air it up again. This should let the tube settle into position.


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      I wish I could find that YouTube video of the factory worker putting a tire on a Model A rim... I thought I had it bookmarked.


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        I have done that as well Tom good tip, Dennis i would like to see that.


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          More tire mounting Info: Part #1

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            Part #2


            General Outline of Video
            Remove valve cap and rotate the tire until the valve is at the top
            Let all air out of the tube
            Push the valve stem up into the tire
            From the top of the tire, pinch the beads together and push them well down into the rim. This allows the tire iron to fit easily between the bottom of the rim and both tire beads.
            Slide the tire iron under both beads and force the tire off of the rim. Using your hands remove the tire the rest of the way.

            Remove the tube from the tire.
            Using your hands inspect the rim and the inside of the tire for sharp objects

            Partially inflate the tube and insert it into the tire, lining up the valve with a mark on the tire for proper balance.

            Note: Some enthusiast recommend using talc on the tube before inserting it into the tire.
            With the valve lined up with the top of the rim insert it into the valve stem hole on the rim and once again pinch the to beads together and well down into the rim. Work your way around forcing both beads at the same time into the rim. Be careful not to pinch the tube between the tire and the rim
            Inflate slowly, keeping molding line an equal distance from the rim

            Inflate to 35lbs.
            2 1930 Tudors

            Henry Ford said
            "It's all nuts and bolts"

            Mitch's Auto Service ctr


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              Here is a link;


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                That is a good source for the links page of model a suppliers if it is not already there.

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              I just spray the tire bead with silicone and the tire slips right on.
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