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Best way to adjust doors

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  • Best way to adjust doors

    can anyone educate me on the best way to adjust doors on a pickup? I know the body mount rubber shims are part of the process. Right now both doors line up perfect with body lines on cowl but the back of the door by the latch is way out of whack

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    i am thinking that the hinge side of the doors are pretty stationary and locked in place if the pins etc are tight.. i would mess with the rubber shims at the front to see what that gives you. frame sag is also a consideration but you don't want to hear that..:. i have also read where a combo of shims at the body mount where the doors are off alignment can help compensate for that sag if it exists. it a pain staking trial and error process.. also watch you dont throw off your hood alignment in the process...
    maybe others have better ideas..
    keep us posted
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      Like Mitch said, I'd start with the frame having no sag, then shim the cowl as needed. Usually it seems the rear of the door needs to be raised a bit. Marco posted some good door alignment tips years ago on another site, and I wonder if he has them on his own site. I don't have a link to Marco's site, but if you do a Google search for "Marco Model A", I'd bet it shows up.


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        Thank you


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          try these from Marco

          We aligned Miles' Fordor doors before we shot the car, figuring we had it. Once the painted body was back on the frame, once again nothing fit and everything was off, and we had to align all over again. Rats! needs a ton of patience


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            Just what I needed - thanks Dave


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