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    I am restoring a '30 Coupe. No plans to make it a fine point car or anything, but I like the look of some of the unfinished fasteners, particularly in the Engine Compartment. The contrast adds to the look. I have read that some restorers put a clear coat on these fasteners to protect them from rusting. Since the job of doing that is somewhat painstaking, I was curious as to whether anyone can share their experience with doing this. Does it last? It seems to me that even Cad fasteners would hold their sheen longer if coated with Clear. Thanks in advance for any comments!

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    Many folks use a clear after restoring. Here is an older thread with a little discussion on it.

    My first post , I am looking for some information on how to duplicate the raven finish for fine point . Any suggestions? All help appreciated . Thanks , Norm
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      I've sprayed clear on some parts, but be sure to use semi-gloss rather than gloss, which will make the part too shiny and not natural looking.


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        A green painted engine, with the edge of new gaskets showing & new unfinished BOLTS/NUTS has a great look.
        I've also used Dull Aluminum Spray, to "simulate" Cad Plating, topped off with a WISP of Satin Clear. Spray cans work well, If you get the BETTER nozzles, that make a TRUE Fan Shaped spray. The cheap clip on triggers also help to spray like a PRO! I used that combo to do my wheels & many thought they were Powder Coated!
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      Thanks Gentlemen. I'll try the satin clear and post some pics when I am done!


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